Monday, March 31, 2008

A final update on my goals

Last time I checked in, I'd completed three of my four goals: I'd finished more than three matching pairs of socks, I'd tried knitting toe-up, and I'd knit some socks for other people.

The goal I had not yet started was to try a pattern more complicated than stockinette or ribbing. And since I didn't mention anything about completing a pair of more complicated socks, I'm going to consider this goal complete as well, even though I don't expect the socks to be finished tomorrow.

I did indeed try knitting Monkeys (with Knit Picks Sock Memories "Easter," which seemed appropriate for this time of year). I'm enjoying it, but because I'm taking six classes and it's the end-of-term crunch I've only just managed to start the second sock. I'm hoping to have a pair to reward myself with once exams are done - that gives me about three weeks to finish.

It's been fun seeing people's projects over the past few months.


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Rose Red said...

I think you've done great, thanks so much for joining in! How cool that you have yarn in Easter colour!