Monday, March 24, 2008

My final socks for SSS

It's been a while since my last post so I have a few pics to share. I now have 5 more pairs of socks than I had when I started and my personal challenge of knitting at least one pair of toe up socks has been met. My work here is done and SSS is nearly over in any event. It was great fun and I thank the organisers for their work.

The first pair are One Skein Sockettes. The yarn is Grignasco Big Prints. Not the nicest of yarns but very colourful. I used one 50g ball for these and had just a little left over. These were finished in the first week of February.

The second pair are River Rapids Socks. The yarn is 4-ply Merino Cashmere (Chocolate) from The Knittery. While the yarn was very soft and yummy to work with I didn't really enjoy knitting with it. My feet will enjoy them though.

The third pair were Fingering Weight Toe-Up Socks with Gusset Heel. I rather enjoyed the process of knitting from the bottom up but found it a little strange particularly at the gusset but they've turned out quite well. The yarn is Sullivans Sock Yarn. Again, not the best but for my first toe ups I thought it was a reasonable choice and I am quite pleased with them.

I shall continue to knit more socks throughout this year but for now I am done!

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Rose Red said...

Great job on all your socks and for trying out toe-up!