Sunday, March 30, 2008

the final pair

i have not stopped making socks, i have another pair still on the needles and at least four more planned, but i think these will be my final finished object for the SSoS. its appropriate that it should be these, as i first started them a long time ago and had to put them away because they were too hard to concentrate on with a head full of other stuff. once that was cleared though, these were very easy, and i think they are my favourites so far this summer:

pattern: fancy silk sock for a child from knitting vintage socks
yarn: happy spider made-to-order in 'sugarmelon'
needles: 2.75mm harmony dpns (one size larger than the pattern)

no other modifications. the lace cuff is a little tight on the calf as it has no stretch in it, but i think they are delicious!

kms xx

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Carol said...

They are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!