Monday, March 10, 2008

My first socks too!

I too am only just now getting around to posting my first pair. Slack, I know. These are a pair I cast-on right back when sign-ups started, especially for the KAL too. I had hoped that by joining I would be able to avoid most of the effects of the dreaded second sock syndrome (ha, I hear chuckles in the audience already). It was also in order to beat 2ndSS that I decided to disallow myself from posting here until AFTER I had finished my first pair. Oh yeah! Big mistake. The 1st pair fairly flew off the needles and I was diligent in beginning the 2nd. I thought all was going well, and it was for a while. But yes of course I hit that slump, as we sometimes do, though not until I was over half way done with sock number 2. Odd right? I mean surely I could see the light at the end of the tunnel by then? I was on the home stretch. Oh well, I think that I had just finally become bored with the yarn and pattern chosen. Actually, I should have known better. I've taken note of that and plan on making my next pair in either cables or lace in a very yummy yarn that won't be put down. After I finish up a quicky pair of bed socks in DK to get my mojo back, that is.

Yup, that is them up there. Pretty plain I know, but as they are only the second pair I have ever made for myself, I decided to keep it simple. I tried out a new toe and heel on these, the other reason I kept it simple. They were knit up from a rectangular toe, with a forethought-afterthought heel. Big thanks to SpinWeaveKnit for that suggestion, it will be a versatile addition to my repertoire. The yarn is Four Seasons Hotsocks I had overdyed with pink, it needed livening up, a lot.

Next for me, is the aforementioned bed socks in dk, so far they have been knitted to just before the heel. But this time I am working 2 at a time on one circular, though I did start with a rectangular toe again. These will likely have a short-row heel, as they will not need to stand up to much punishment. After I finish those, I will be back on to some experimental sock-ette thingys I have been dabbling with. They are something I need to wear with heels, a little something to pad under the ball of my foot some and to protect the part of the foot just above the tops of my toes. I tell you all this, because I hope it will mean I actually have to do it :-) Clearly keeping myself from posting until I was done, was a bad tactic, so now I am employing another.

*edited to add blog linky* Opps! I seem to remember reading waaay back that we ought to link to our blog at the end of a post. Makes sense, if you went looking for mine on the right, you likely would not have found it. It is Stitches Anomalous, so there you go.


Bells said...

Oh they look great! Well done. I love the pattern.

Rose Red said...

Mighty fine socks for only socks #2!