Saturday, March 15, 2008

Challenge? What Challenge?

Way back at the start of summer, I posted my own personal challenge. I hang my head in shame and refuse to link back to that original challenge. However, I note that Bells and RoseRed have extended summer (perhaps in honour of this unseasonally hot weather?) and I therefore proffer my fairly paltry efforts.

One pair of Waving Lace Socks in Koigu (started before summer began, so not strictly within the rules.)One pair of plain old stocking stitch in glorious Tofutsies that the lovely rhonrhon brought back all the way from the States for me (started and finished during summer).
And the Yarn Harlot's Earl Greys in Lorna's Laces pinstripe colourway, which would show up the tiny cables down the side, if only I hadn't used self-striping yarn (just finished this week).

On second thoughts, for someone who's not all that good at FOs, I think this is an OK effort.

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Rose Red said...

he hee, now you know why it is still hot - Bells and I just decided to extend summer! (whoops!)

Your socks are great - and the best thing about the personal challenges? It doesn't really matter if you don't achieve them, it's not life or death, it's just knitting!