Monday, September 24, 2007

What's your personal sock challenge?

To make things interesting for each of us, but not in a competitve way, we thought it would be fun to post a list of your personal sock challenge/s - what you would like to achieve over the Southern Summer of Socks.

Your personal challenge is just that - personal - there's no judgment, no awarding of prizes (except to yourself!) and just a bit of fun!

Personal challenges can be anything from trying new techniques, like toe-up, sideways, top down, cables, lace, fair isle, mosaic, socks on two circs, magic loop, dpns etc. Or it can be to knit a certain number of pairs of socks, or to use up all your sock yarn stash (or half of it, or a quarter...whatever!). Or to not buy any sock yarn during the period. Or to knit a pattern from all of your sock pattern books. Or to finish all those lonely single socks to make a pair (whether a matching or mismatching pair!). It might be to finish your first pair of socks! Whatever form it takes is up to you!

And if you like, you can nominate what you will reward yourself with if you achieve your challenge - whether it be sock yarn, sock pattern book or even something non-sock related (shock horror!).

My personal challenge is posted here. So what's your personal challenge?


foreverknit said...

I bought More Sensational Knitted Socks the other day, so I want to try my hand at toe-up!

OzKnitter said...

I want to knit a pair of cabled socks and I want to finish the pair of toe-up Jitterbug socks I started eons ago!