Wednesday, September 26, 2007

oh dear, I just might have to go shopping

I know this KAL does not get really started for a few days yet, but I had to decide on my first pair. I also know I said I was challenging myself to do two socks on two circulars, but I'm still working up to that. I don't have circulars in sizes small enough to do socks. I think 3.00 mm. is the smallest I have, so I would need to buy some.

So I poked around to choose a design. I decided upon Pepperknit's Zokni Socks. I think they would be best done in a solid colour and I rather fancied a rich green. So what do I have in my stash? One and a bit balls of a soft green in St Ives sock wool. A lot of Elann's Sock it to me Essential Sock wool which I bought some time ago. Bright red? I think not. Not enough of the dark purple or navy left. Lots of a pumpkin shade which I bought to use as heels, toes, stripes etc, but no green. Opal perhaps? I actually don't like knitting with Opal, particularly the Unisolid. It wears and washes really well, but feels like hard string on my arthritic fingers to knit. There was only pink or blue in the solid colour, bought for small grandchildren. Loads and loads of beautiful variegated yarns from various online Aussie sites.

I've picked out a dark brown from the Elann to get started on Monday which is a public holiday in NSW. But if I want to make more, I'll have to go shopping to get green. What a shame!! not.


Rose Red said...

Oh dear - how terrible to have to buy more yarn!!! I love those Zokni socks - will have to add to my list!

Kate (Kiss My Frog) said...

Damn! Don't you hate it when that happens? ;-D