Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My pledge

Ok - I 'm with Kris one pair for me one pair for him - and I do believe I will invoke the spinning wheel promise from the sock victim - 10 pairs for him and one wheel for me. I am already up to 6 pairs for him but as I said before 2 don't count - and of the remaining 4 one already has holes in the heel - so darning is on the list. OOO 6 to go!!!

Also on the list is to finish the wedding socks for my sister and brother in law - nearly over a year late.

Monkey, vintage socks and some cable socks are the challenges for me.

I have managed the magic loop - underway with the wedding socks. These will count for me socks - so I can alternate with sock for the vicitm too.

Well will I get the spinning wheel that is the question?


Matt said...

Yes I think you might.

our new place

I'm out the back cold-smoking some bacon.

missfee said...

yippee although I am not sure about the corset