Sunday, September 30, 2007

I Must Knit Socks!


Thanks Rose Red and Bells for hosting this KAL - my first!
I'm a great big wannabe sock knitter and was coerced, I mean encouraged to join in by the lovely Kate who assures me that I WILL be able to knit socks by the end of Summer.
I hope she's right, because I really need to do something with all the sock yarn that I've gathered...not to mention the swag of KnitPicks needles that I've ordered from Miz Donni.
So I guess my challenge is to start, knit and finish a pair of socks. 1 pair would be a good start. I can always revise that figure upwards can't I?
My reward?
I've long lusted to be a part of the Socks That Rock Club.........


Rose Red said...

Welcome Mandie! Oooh, STR club - I had just thought about buying the yarn, but hmmm, joining the club - how tempting...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Welcome Rose Red :-)
Yesssss....the STR Club is a tempting thought....!