Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hello Fellow Sock Stars!

I know you are out there you fabo rockin' sock stars!

Hi my name is Shazmina Bendi and I am putting this out there, up front.

I have completer/finisher issues!

So my personal challenge, for the Southern Summer of Socks is quite simple. I vow/pledge to complete all socks, and I mean pairs, that I start this summer. Whew, Now that I have put that out there I feel a little tingly and alot scared! eeeekkkkkk!

My hit list for this knit along includes:

  • A pair of knee high socks, for me. Could be handy next winter ;)

  • A pair of socks for my BF. This one could be tricksy as I do not, in fact, have a BF. I would like one, and given my completer/finisher issues, I may in fact complete this pair of socks 6 months after he appears on the scene, whoever HE is. If you have seen him, please send him my way!

  • A pair of lace socks for my Mum.

  • Learn the toe up method of sock knitting. It just seems like it would be sensible. To me anyway!

  • Baby socks, many pairs. I seem to be surrounded by baby making machines at present. Love it!

  • A pair of socks for my lunchtime knitting companion who has just moved to the UK. I miss her.

  • Design a pair of socks. I have a really cool lace pattern that I am itching to incorporate into a pair of socks.

  • And finally, dye some of the 1700 m of undyed 4ply sock yarn I have purchased. See people, I am not exaggerating about the completer/finisher issues!

And as for a reward...... hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Being driven by my future BF to Colinette in Wales in a Mini Cooper S (new model) in April 2008.

Is that too much to ask for???


Rose Red said...

You are too funny!

Nora said...

#2 made me sit up and speed read through the paragraph - thought I'd missed something!

Shazmina Bendi said...

Just wishful thinking Nora!

kms said...

all sounds reasonable to me!

Bells said...

You're a champ, Shaz.