Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hi There!!

I posted my personal challenge list over on my blog...this is my very first KAL/CAL of any kind, and I am excited to start!

Couldn't get this to work in the comments - not sure why, but this is in response to the "what book or website" question.

I live in the caribbean, so websites are my way to go (free, and no international mail delivery wait time! :D ) plus, I'm kinda picky and I like just getting the sock I like, without maybe a whole book of patterns I'll never try. try out some of these sites.

I have a whole directory on my home computer of pdf's I've downloaded and saved. I print them as I decide to knit them. :)


Rose Red said...

Thanks for all these great links - we might put them in the sidebar!

Lynne said...

Hey Jess

Thanks for all those sites - I'll check them all out. I also save patterns to my favourites and only print them when I need them.