Monday, September 24, 2007

Challenge Me This

I just want to get into a sock groove. I start and stop and start and stop...I want to start and keep going. So, let's say one pair a month. (I have to be realistic. I have two small boys I'm supposed to be homeschooling, which is more than "Hey, watch how Mama turns this heel!" I have other projects I'm knitting. And so on.) I don't care to try magic loop; I did, and you know what? I hated it. The DPNs work for me. Not broken, not gonna try to fix it. Maybe I'll try toe-up. I'd like to throw a pair of Monkeys in there.

I am ever so gentle with the goals, am I not?

As incentive? Well, how about some new shoes to show off my socks? I got that idea here, and I thought it such a good idea I immediately borrowed it as my incentive.

Knit on!


Rose Red said...

Oh, I like your reward! Excellent idea!
(I'm not sure if I'm going to like magic loop and/or two circs either, but hey, gotta give it a go I guess!)

Carolyn said...

The shoe idea is brilliant! I'm going to do that too.