Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wanted: mates for single socks

Hi everyone!

My personal challenge this time is to finish my current sock WIPs by the end of SSoS. Here's the state at the moment:

Some info (cross posted from my blog):

1. Gentleman's Shooting Stockings from Knitting Vintage Socks.
2. A Pair of Hearts socks, by Donna of Random Knits. This one is for my mum.
3. Plain toe-up socks. This was my practice sock when I was learning magic loop, as I thought I'd better learn with a simple pattern. Well it worked, and now I'm totally a magic loop convert. Would still be nice to have a pair finished, though.
4. Firestarter. I loved this pattern, I still do. I hope I can pick it up again, I remember it being quite complicated at the time.
5. Roza socks. I'm not sure about this one. The pattern is pretty, and the yarn is lovely, but I'm just not feeling it anymore somehow. I'll see.
6. Paraphernalia socks for my dad. I've already started on the second sock for this one, so this one might be the first one to be 'liberated'!

I'm also going to try a new technique, or perhaps I should say a new way of constructing a sock, with the Houdini socks (free pattern on Twist Collective) by Cat Bordhi. From the pattern's description: "Houdini socks begin with a sock footprint -- a foot-shaped tube closed on both ends -- with no apparent way in, and no leg." Curious! I just have to see how that works out into a sock.

Doable, right? Right?


kms said...

seriously funny post! you are like the SSS queen...i only have one single sock languishing. im not worthy.

Rose Red said...

Yeah, you can totally do it!!

Lynne said...

Matchmaker, matchmaker, knit me sock, turn me a heel, graft me a toe.
Matchmaker, matchmaker, look for the book and find me the perfect match!
[to the tune of the same name from "Fiddler on the Roof"]

claudine said...

Hahaha lynne that's GREAT!! :)

kms, yeah, this kind of skill take practice, hehehe ;p

Michelle said...

OMG - you NEED to finish off those Noro socks! Gorgeous yarn!