Wednesday, November 26, 2008

do these count?

I suddenly decided I was going to make tiny Christmas stockings. Some of these are destined for son, DIL and her mother and one fro me. I think they will hang on out door knobs late on Christmas Eve after Santa has called. There is definitely a Santa, as he handed in my lost mobile before I even realised I had bumped it out of my pocket at Hornsby shops as I re-arranged two shopping bags of heavy books. So I'm sure he'll call here, particularly after my effusive thanks to him outside KMart as I retrieved my phone the next day! LOL. Some will go to grandchildren and I'm thinking of putting Lindt balls in another for my mum. She's now in a nursing home and feeling the transition badly, along with missing her former relative degree of independence. She needs nothing, but we all need good chocolate. Right?

I still have a couple more to make, but they are very quick. It takes almost as long to sew the back seam as to knit the sock. There are only twenty or so rows in teh whole thing. The pattern can be found on Jean Greengowe's site under free patterns. There's a snowman there too and some other small bits and pieces.

I was in Turramurra Drapery the other day and saw the dark green wool. Unfortunately, the colour is just too dark to show well in the photo. It's deep bottle green from NZ and some proceeds of the sale go to research to children's cancer. The red is a Cleckheaton Easycare 8 ply. The white is some scraps from a long ago knit. I used 4 mm needles, bigger than pattern suggested. My thanks to the lady who served me as she pointed out their stock and made pleasant helpful suggestions without being pushy. I am turned off by pushy salespeople and will often not buy anything if I am pushed. She was lovely.

pass the slipped stitch over


Rose Red said...

Love these little stockings - and perfect for lindt balls or other chocolates - everyone always likes chocolates, I'm sure your mum will really appreciate it.

I'm with you on pushy salespeople, so thanks for the Turramurra recommendation!

Melinda said...

I think they count :)