Monday, November 24, 2008

Finally finished my first pair

Unfortunately (or fortunately) however you look at it, my scrapbooking has overtaken my sock knitting at the current time.

I love this pair though which I have just not long finished. The pattern is Spring Forward from Knitty, knitted on 2.75 needles. The pattern, although it looks complex, is really easy and I think has surpassed monkeys as my newest favourite pattern. The yarn is The Knittery Chubby in Merlot, given to me by a friend of mine with the express instruction that whatever socks I make with it, they must be for me. So they are dear Tanya, and I love them!

Now I'm working on a pair with Jitterbug yarn, OMG it's knitting up so fast. Expect another post soon enough! LOL

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Tanya said...

They look just beautiful Carol!! I bet they will be snuggly and delicious on your tootsies next winter!

Rose Red said...

You go Carol! They look great!

Just be careful with the Jitterbug - it's not long on the yardage, so don't go making long socks with it!

(and you could so totally make kilt socks!!)