Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My second socks and new technique!

My first every pair of knitted socks are still sitting in a plastic box under my bed from nearly a year ago. I realised half way through the second sock that I suck at using double pins (or maybe my crappy bamboo ones just don't cut it). The UFO didn't stop me from starting my second pair! I have recently bought myself a Knitpicks Harmony set, a Knitpicks options set and a whole heap of small gauge circulars. They have totally made my knitting obsession worse.
One of my Southern Summer of Socks goals was to learn have to make 2 socks at once on circular needles, I have the book knitting circles around socks by Antje Gillingham. So I grabbed my book, my stash of needles and my new waratah fibers sock yarn and started.
I am really enjoying this technique, I find it much easier than the double pins and the socks are looking pretty neat with no ladders at the joins!

Yay for learning new things :)

P.S These are Monkeys


Michelle said...

They're looking great! I love the yarn.

Ann said...

Congratulations on learning a new technique. The sock is looking good. I have also learnt this technique but still prefer the dpns.

Rose Red said...

Congrats on learning a new technique - one goal down! Yay! And the sock looks great.

kms said...

i tried so hard to do socks on circs but my hands just wont adjust! or else its my brain... these look great, great pattern lovely yarn!

amanda j said...

Glad you found a method that works for you! Your monkeys are lovely!