Sunday, November 16, 2008

Two F.O. and one on holiday

Monkey's on holiday - just started them last week in some koigu I recieved in my first ever swap!

Bex's Luminare which I had so much fun knitting - great pattern really well written and heaps of fun - it flew off the needles

and finally I present Twisted Flower - I did knit two but this was the photo at the half way point. I took two weeks to knit the first one and 4 days the second - I really knew the charts by then. I loved knitting these!


Rose Red said...

Love love love the Twisted Flower socks. Now just have to find me some time in my ridiculous knitting schedule to make them!! Great colour too!

missfee said...

thank you - love the colour too!!!!

Ann said...

The Twisted Flower socks are gorgeous - love the color!

Carrie said...

These look fantastic, I want to make some now too!