Wednesday, November 19, 2008

one lonely scroll sock

I usually save sock knitting for doing on the train. However, since college closed two weeks ago, I've done almost no sock knitting at all. This left my scroll sock from More Sensational Knitted Socks languishing on its needles in a far corner of my desk. However I had an hour in the train yesterday to go babysitting Master Three, the youngest grandchild. I worked quickly and flew down the foot to the toe which I did this morning. Darned in the ends and voilà, a finished sock at last.

The original pattern has the scrolls continued down the foot. I often do continue the pattern over the instep, but this one felt a bit bumpy and I wondered if it would be comfortable. Stocking stitch certainly made the foot quicker to knit than the pattern would have been. Now for the second one.

The colours don't really show too well. It's a very dark mornng up here. We had rain earlier and I can see that more is moving over from the west. No sun, or even the hint of any. Actually, I like this this week, it feels restful. Last week was busy, stressful and at time chaotic, both personally and for my immediate family and for the household. Hopefully with one member moved away to his real home in NZ taking another container of his goods, things will now quieten down somewhat.

The wool is from Katie at Live2Knit. The colour is called Iris and the wool's lovely and soft to knit. I think these will be a gift, but am not sure yet who will get them.


Rose Red said...

I love the colours in this sock - Katie does such lovely muted tones - it's soothing just to look at the yarn!

Michelle said...

So beautiful. And aren't you fast! Hope you're enjoying your week.