Sunday, November 30, 2008

Monkey Magic

Another F.O.

Monkey by Cookie A. - 2.5mm needles and Koigu yarn which was a present in my first ever swap. It has been a while coming but finally I did knit it up ( I did just check the date of the swap and it was only last year so I don't feel so bad now).

I have taken a photo of both sides of the sock to show the pink and the green pooling at the foot - just after the heel pretty neat. It was fun to go back to the traditional sock top down, normal heel with no special stitch, and the classic decreased toe. No matter how many times I Kitchener stitch I still have to refer back to the book for the instructions.

1 comment:

Rose Red said...

Nice! Funny thing that pooling - especially how it matches on each sock - clever you!

I always have to refer back to Kitchener instructions. Sigh.