Friday, February 29, 2008

Last of the Summer Socks

I have been as addled as Nora Batty, with her socks right down round her ankles!!!! In spite of events conspiring to stop me knitting, I have made some socks!! In fact I knitted the last sock yesterday and today, egged on by the fact it was the bonus last day of February!!! Lewis is very good sock knitting TV.

There are my Mum's The Word socks, in Blues Cashmere Merino from The Knittery. I used Barbara Walker's Diagonal Fern lace pattern with garter stitch in between.

The The Shocker Socks, in Empire from The BSODL. They're just in 2x2 rib in 8ply for Barry The GardyGardner. His foot is a whole foot long.

And finally The Mauvie Star Socks in Shepherd baby wool. My friend who lives in a mining town in Queensland is coming home so I have made her some Purl-less Monkeys.

I have been a poor poster but I have knitted vicariously through everyone else's socks!!!!


Ann said...

Lovely socks & I love the blue ones - my fav color!

Rose Red said...

great socks!

The purl-less monkeys look great - will definitely have to try these!