Friday, February 15, 2008

Addendum to Socks Ahead

Just to keep sharing the sock love...


Have a *close* look at the two socks here, can you spot the difference between them?

It's a subtle difference, and not immediately noticed. I didn't until right at the very end of sock #2. These were knitted from two separate balls of the faux fair isle Patonyle, both from the outside of the ball, starting a new ball for each sock.

The colour repeat is opposite on each sock, if I turn one upside down, I can match the colour repeats. I *almost* wanted to frog sock #2 (again) so I could knit it from the *other* end of the yarn. The end in the centre of the ball, which is still there for sock #1.

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Michelle said...

I think they look fantastic! I had to look really hard to see anything different about them!