Thursday, February 28, 2008

...and another pair finished, and another pair started.

My Pomatomus/Sumotamop socks are finished! My yarn contingency plan worked an absolute treat, and I am very very happy with the result. That's six pairs finished for the KAL, and three of them are for me.
I've also started swatching for the next pair, which will be Cardigan socks by Anne Hanson at Knitspot, in some gorgeous Mountain Colours Bearfoot (colourway Indian Corn) that I have in stash. This pattern and yarn were made for each other! You wait and see.


Rose Red said...

Those look great! Love them in that colour.

And the cardigan pattern is fab - especially love the pattern down the heel flap.

Ann said...

Lovely socks! The pattern shows up very nicely in that color.