Thursday, February 14, 2008

My 8th Pair

Pattern : A mix - C Bordhi's whirlpool toe, Wendy's gusset & Sensational Sock's Braid & Beads
Yarn : Zen Garden's merino/seacell in Mottlecah colorway
Needles : 2.25 Lantern Moon ebony dpns

I love the yarn as it's so soft & knits beautifully but there's some pooling at the heel & feet & the 2 socks are slightly different in color. If you notice, the sock on the top is lighter than the one at the bottom - this pair of socks is turning out to be a little unusual but that's alright as I will still wear them as they fitted perfectly & feels so good!
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Carol said...

So many people worry about the pooling but I do so love that part of the socks as that's what makes them unique and beautiful. These are sensational.

gemma said...

Lovely work Ann. Is the fabric stretchy? I have some merino/seacell, but was not too sure about using it as socks?