Saturday, February 9, 2008

A question of size

Can I please ask a question -

I am making random socks now, after having made a special pair for mum and myself. So I want to have a little stash of socks ready for gifts.

Most of the patterns I've been reading say to knit the foot to 1.5 inches less than you want it before starting the toe.

What is the average size that everyone is knitting to before starting the toe?

Would love to know what everyone else does if just making generic socks for gifting.

Thanks :-)


Rose Red said...

I don't make generic socks for gifting (I always have a recipient in mind) - maybe you could make the socks but leave the toe unfinished (remembering to make note of needle size and pattern you were using!!) and then actually finish them once you know who they are for?

There's probably also some internet or book resources which tell you how long different sized feet are, so (for example) if you wanted to make a size 8, it might say the foot should be 25cm (or whatever) - that way, you could make a note of what size socks you've knitted? Very interesting question!!

jp said...

Sensational Knitted Socks has a great guide to shoe sizes and sock sizes (US) but you can find conversions)