Sunday, February 15, 2009

Random Ribs Lucky #13

Yay a finished pair of socks - these were done last week but I was saving them for Valentine's day. S.V. lucky #13 pair.
They are Stephen Colbert Socks by Mason-Dixson book "Knitting Outside The Lines".
Knitted in Fleece Artist Blue Face Leicester Socks yarn from the wool shop in Mosman - can't remember the name.
They were alot of fun to knit but I did do my normal trick of knitting ove 1/2 of the first sock before trying them on the S.V. only to discover they were too small this time. Back to the start and over again - you would think the lesson was learnt.

Here is my Personal Sock Club for 2009

nearly done the first sock of the second pair.


Rose Red said...

I LOVE these socks!! They look fantastic. I am a sucker for a cable!

missfee said...

me too and you get to pick and choose the cables on this one too!!!!

kgirl said...

the socks are beautiful, there is no doubt, but the little geeky knitter in me is lovin' those brown paper bags!!!!!

well done for finishing - can't wait to see what's next!