Monday, February 16, 2009

Catch up

I just realised I haven't posted on here for ages..... I finally finished the monkey socks I posted about ages ago, with some success (they are a bit hard to pull over my heel, is this normal with handmade socks???) I would have liked the legs to be longer. I have started a second pair of Cookie A socks, Marlene from Knit.1 which will hopefully not need to be frogged AGAIN... had some gauge issues which might have been due to the fact I was knitting with 2.5mm needles instead of 2.75mm. I don't know how that happened :)

I also got super crafty and made myself the sock blockers below which the monkey socks are on, it was super easy to make and cost me $2.99!


Rose Red said...

Nice job on the socks, and the blockers. I find socks usually aren't too hard to get over the heel, except for ones with a picot edge (and only then sometimes!). They might be a little tight, but as long as you can get them on and they don't cut off your circulation, then I guess they are fine!

Lynne said...

Those blockers are looking good.

I don't think socks should be hard to get on and off; perhaps they're a bit small but as RR says, if they don't cut off your circulation they may be all right!

Nellie said...

Love your monkeys! The colour gradation in the yarn is great. What sort of yarn is it?