Saturday, March 21, 2009

Last of the Summer Socks

Okay, so I didn't fully complete my challenge which was:

1. Knit more than 5 pairs.
2. Knit only from sock yarn already in my possession.
3. Try magic loop.

But I came close. I failed on the more than 5 pairs but I finished all 5 pairs that I did knit. I knitted only from sock yarn I already had and I tried and successfully completed a pair of socks using magic loop.

Here are the last two completed pairs:

The first pair is Embossed Leaves of which only the pattern part of the sock is the same as the original. The cuff and toe are plain old cuffs and toes. I'm a little bit lazy and took the easy road. They were knitted with Fleece Artist Sokomo in the Mermaid colourway. I really enjoyed knitting these socks.

The second pair are Luminare Socks. I struggled with these. I didn't like the yarn all that much, Knittery Slim Sock in Royal Velvet, and I kept having to rip back so often that it's a wonder they were finished at all. Their redeeming feature is that I love the colour and the pattern was sort of fun. I also made a mistake in not following the pattern properly but they look good and I am pleased with them.

I think I'm a bit socked out so that's all from me until next summer though I will probably knit some more socks during the year.


Rose Red said...

Good job on the goals, I say!! And both of these pairs are fabulous - great colours!

Robyn *Ü* said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love these socks. I'm a very beginner knitter so I don't think I could even attempt them. Great work though.

Anonymous said...

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