Sunday, March 8, 2009

personal sockclub '09

second shipment:

Show-off Stranded socks (free) in Wired for Fibre "Rita" - colourway "Sorcery"(?)

and my latest shipment:

Seaweed socks (free) in Wired for Fibre "Rita" - colourway "Kelp"

more details at my blog...


FruteJuce said...

Ohh! Look at these lovely socks! I haven't made socks for so many years but it all comes flooding back!

Market Girl said...

These are too cute,

we love cool things like this at Handmade.

P.S just found you clever people on Brown Owls, I cannot believe I have not come across you lll before.


Veriance said...

I love the colors in this one! the pattern too. it's lovely

sanjeet said...

I love the socks in your banner
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